• Signature Cinnamon
    Treat yourself to the bold, comforting taste of Signature Cinnamon. The bittersweet chocolate and Vietnamese cassia cinnamon make it hard to stay away from. It’s called our signature flavor for a reason!
  • White Chocolate Pistachio
    Simply uttering the phrase ‘White Chocolate Pistachio” gives a little thrill of elegance and sophistication. We think mixing the popular shelled pistachio nut with the smooth taste of white chocolate yields the perfect combination.
  • Coco-Scotch
    Consider Coco-Scotch our sweet note. While smelling the sweet, sensational aroma of butterscotch morsels, cocoa power, and pecans mixed all into one, we wonder why we ever try anything else after biting into this little piece of heaven.
  • Almond
    We’ve heard of chocolate covered almonds. We’ve tasted them too. So we can truthfully say they’ve got nuttin on our almond toffee. The nutritious nut pairs perfectly with the bittersweet chocolate making this ‘basic’ flavor a stand out star.
  • Ginger
    If we could camp out in the depths of bittersweet chocolate, we would. Alas, it appears crystallized ginger took up residence. And we can’t really complain seeing as the two blended ingredients are like a little splash of delicious spice peeking out from the familiar norm.
  • Japaleno
    Go ahead, be brave. Take a bite of the spicy mix that makes up our best-seller toffee of the season. Once that red-hot taste kicks in you can join the rest of our Jalapeno fan crowd whoopin’ and hollerin’ over the saucy taste.
  • Pecan
    When we think ‘melt-in-your-mouth’, we think Pecan toffee. Creamy and bittersweet, this flavor had us drooling at first glance.

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