About Simmering Sugar

Sharon’s husband and Katie’s father, is an avid toffee fan. So much so, that he kept a personal stash of store-bought toffee in a glass jar that he frequented almost every night. One fateful night, Sharon and Katie spontaneously decided to whip up a batch of homemade toffee to replace his stash, and see if he was none the wiser after taking a bite. The toffee disappeared with in no time at all. Cinnamon and spices were sprinkled in one batch while white chocolate and pistachio made its way into the second. Much later and covered in chocolate, Sharon and Katie took a bite of each and realized they stumbled upon something great.

Co-owners Sharon and Katie make each batch of their delicious toffee just as they did the first time in their California kitchen six years ago: from scratch with fresh ingredients, no preservatives, delectable combinations, and taste tested themselves. While the Signature Cinnamon and White Chocolate Pistachio remain their main flavors, Sharon and Katie are always finding new spices and flavors to try. Jalapeno was their biggest seller this holiday season. Seasonal specialties include Pumpkin Pie and Peppermint Chip. Sharon and Katie couldn’t be happier with their stumbled-upon toffee careers. Making toffee is their creative way of bringing love, comfort, and joy into their lives, as well as their customers?. One bit end you’ll be hooked on their sweet style of flavorful toffee.

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