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“Your toffee is easily the best in the whole world. I can ever enumerate the reasons why: 1) It’s delicious. Amazingly so; 2) It does not stick to your teeth the way your average toffee does. You chew it and then … you are not prying it from your fillings. You just want more; 3) The quality of the ingredients means it never tastes waxy. And yet it lasts for weeks! I could come up with more … I’m just so impressed!” -Mary Rush, New Jersey

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“You definitely taste Katie’s passion for baking in her toffee. It is so delicious and when you bite it, you don’t feel like you are breaking a tooth! Such a great gift!”
-Marisa Schieda, Texas

“She gave us a carton of your toffee and unfortunately it’s already gone. Toffee and caramels are my favorite and yours was absolutely delicious. I was curious to try the ginger toffee because I couldn’t (…)