Toffee Flavors

Me Oh My! What Flavor To Try?

Simmering Sugar offers amazing seasonal gourmet toffee

Simmering Sugar’s toffee is, quite simply, the best toffee around, all year round.

We use all natural, premium ingredients with no preservatives or coloring so that the mouthwatering flavor is tasted throughout every scrumptious bite. Gluten free!

Toffee Sizes


$ 3 - 

 Pillow Box - 1 oz.

Stocking stuffers, baby showers, wedding favor, or just a quick sweet treat!

$ 10 - 

 Single Flavors 4 oz.

Know your favorite flavor? Need a bit more than just a 1 oz taste? You don’t want to share? This size is for you!

$20 - 

 Single Flavors 8 oz.

Know your favorite flavor? Need to share? choose your flavor and… wait patiently by the door.

$ 12 - 

 Sampler 4 oz.

New to our toffee? Want to try multiple flavors? You choose the 4 flavors a perfect hostess gift.

$ 24 - 

 Sample 8 oz.

New to our toffee? Want to try multiple flavors? 1 oz per flavor seem like it’s not enough? You choose the 4 flavors 2 oz of each!

Toffee Team


Simmering Sugar is a gourmet candy company established and run by toffee enthusiasts Sharon and Katie, also a mother/ daughter team! Addie, Clemmie, and Teddie are new additions to the team, making it a 3 generation candy company!


is mom to Katie and Mimi to Adelaide, Clementine and Theodora. She is the designer eye behind the company and works to develop community relationships as well as new flavors. Her favorite flavor is Signature Cinnamon.


is Mama to Adelaide, Clementine and Theodora, and daughter to Sharon. She is a Le Cordon Bleu trained pastry chef who has been running Simmering Sugar since 2010. Katie taught elementary school in Pasadena before moving to Paso Robles in 2019. Her favorite toffee flavor is Cocoa-Scotch.

Adelaide, Clementine and Theodora

are daughters to Katie and grand daughters to Sharon. They are new to the world but sugar has always run through their blood. Adelaide and Clementine love all things sugar and Theodora can't wait until she is old enough to taste all the flavors and discover which is her favorite.

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